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School districts and state agencies like to know how successful students are in their progress toward achieving state and federal standards. One way they do this is through "I can" statements. These statements are clear metrics that identify each goal that is necessary in order to indicate grade level achievements. They are usually listed in a way that follows development through grade level. However, they do not need to be in order. Sometimes they are a list of all the goals that the students need but they are not necessarily in an increasing level of difficulty.

"I can" statements are increasingly requested by educational facilitators, homeschool charters and state agencies as a way to determine learning milestones and student achievement. The following is a list of "I can" statements per grade.

Hyperion Academics provides a list of the "I can" statements that correspond to your student's completed lessons. Parents and learning coaches will be able to print a checklist of "I can" statements for the student's learning period.