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Innovating learning is what Hyperion Academics does best. Incorporating the latest trends in education and cognitive science, Hyperion Academics uses a series of gamification techniques to engage students in a fun and inventive way. Challenging coursework is gamified and students go through their lessons with a sense of discovery and play.

Our platform engages students at their level; if a student has trouble understanding any given lesson, an 'I don't understand' button is available to prompt further explanation of the subject matter as needed for each individual.

Students are rewarded for scholastic achievements with 'tokens' that can be used in an online arcade to play various games or 'buy' online badges and digital items to decorate their 'lockers'. Earned tokens can even be given away to friends or family where they can be used and or played together.

Creating unique educational experiences through the learning process is what Hyperion Academics is all about. Motivating learning with fun and excitement to create a high level of engagement is the basis of our educational platform. We aim to create an elevated level of understanding and scholarship for all students, regardless of background and prior academic experience.