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What does Hyperion Academics do?

We are a new, innovative educational platform that addresses the problem of the unmotivated student with exciting and engaging strategies towards learning including gamification, interactive storytelling and other cognitive learning tools.

What grade levels do you offer on your educational platform?

We offer courses for Kindergarten through the 8th grade. Starting Summer 2021, we will have courses available for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. In August of 2022, we will offer all grades K-8.

What is different about your site?

Hyperion Academics employs cognitive learning strategies, gamification and an emphasis on pivotal educational basics to nurture, engage and motivate students who are discouraged in their learning journeys. But our site doesn't just help students! Our lessons are self-graded and we also provide a checklist of standards that the student has completed for any given learning period. No more forms to fill out - the program does it automatically and all you have to do is put in the dates and download.

Can I use any device to use your website?

Yes, you can use any device. Our site works best with tablets, laptops and desktop computers. The website will be able to be accessed via smartphones in January 2023. The best browsers to use for the best experience on our website are Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge for laptops and desktops. For tablets, the browsers on all iPads and the Silk browser on all Kindle Fires work well with our platform. You can also use Samsung and Android browsers. Most browsers work great with our site.

Is the entire educational platform online?

There are a series of downloadable worksheets that are provided for each grade level and for each subject. This can also be used as a physical work sample for state requirements. Most of the instruction and exercises are online to provide updated lessons and our trademark gamification platform.

Does Hyperion Academics provide computers?

Hyperion Academics is an educational platform and educational software company. We offer supporting materials in the form of downloadable worksheets. We do not supply computers though they might be offered by your educational district or homeschool charter.

When does the companion educational arcade open?

The arcade will be open in October 2023.

How many lessons are in each grade?

There are over 900 lessons, exercises or games in each grade. We also have many activities via each student's "room". As students finish their lessons, they will accrue tokens that will enable them to be used in the "neighborhood" accessed through their rooms. For more information, please go to Students & Parents/Learning Coaches.