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What does Hyperion Academics do?

We are a new, innovative educational platform that addresses the problem of the unmotivated student with exciting, engaging and interactive strategies towards learning including gamification and increased interaction.

What grade levels do you offer on your educational platform?

We will be offering courses for Kindergarten through 8th grade. Starting Fall 2020, we will be offering courses for 1st Grade and adding Kindergarten and 2nd Grade in Winter 2021. We will be adding additional grades every 6 months.

Is the entire educational platform online?

There are a series of downloadable booklets that are provided for each grade level for each subject matter. This can also be used as a physical work sample for state requirements. Most of the instruction and exercises are online to provide updated lessons and our trademark gamification platform.

Does Hyperion Academics provide computers?

Hyperion Academics is an educational platform and educational software company. We offer supporting materials in the form of downloadable booklets. We do not supply computers though they might be offered by your educational district or homeschool charter.

When does the companion educational arcade open?

The arcade will open in September 2022.