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Sight or High Frequency Words
Your Student Should Know

What are sight or high frequency words? They are words that your student should know ‘by sight’ for their grade level. Each student should be able to read, write and spell these words. The following is a list of sight/HF words from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Pre-K sight words:
a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, red, run, said, see, the, three, to, two, up, we, where, yellow, you

Kindergarten sight words:
a, all, and, are, ask, ate, away, but, by, came, can, come, could, day, do, down, every, find, for, from, give, go, good, have, he, help, her, here, how, i, into, is, just, like, little, look, make, many, me, must, my, new, no, now, number, of, off, on, one, only, our, out, over, play, put, said, saw, say, see, she, show, so, some, soon, take, that, the, their, them, then, there, they, this, to, too, up, very, walk, was, we, went, what, when, where, who, will, with, you, your

First grade sight words:
about, after, again, also, another, any, ask, back, because, been, before, black, blue, brown, by, could, day, each, every, find, first, from, funny, give, going, great, had, hers, high, house, how, if, jump, just, keep, kind, know, learn, live, long, many, may, more, much, nice, now, old, only, or, orange, other, over, people, purple, put, rain, right, should, some, than, thank, their, them, then, these, thing, think, use, very, walk, want, way, went, were, when, where, which, white, word, work, would, write, yellow, yes, your, yours

Second grade sight words:
always, around, because, been, before, best, both, buy, call, climbed, cold, color, does, don’t, example, eye, fast, feather, first, five, found, gave, goes, great, green, heard, island, its, made, many, off, often, or, pull, read, right, said, science, should, sing, sing, sit, sit, sleep, something, tell, their, these, those, upon, us, use, very, wash, water, which, why, wish, woman, women, work, world, would, write, your

Third grade sight words:
above, add, almost, along, always, began, begin, being, below, between, book, both, car, carry, children, city, close, country, cut, don’t, earth, eat, enough, every, example, eyes, face, family, far, father, feet, few, food, four, girl, got, group, grow, hard, head, hear, high, idea, important, it’s, keep, last, late, leave, left, let, life, light, list, might, mile, miss, mountains, near, never, next, night, often, once, open, own, paper, plant, real, river, run, saw, school, sea, second, seem, side, something, sometimes, song, soon, start, state, stop, story, talk, those, thought, together, took, tree, under, until, walk, watch, while, white, without, young

Fourth grade sight words:
action, actually, addition, address, adjective, Africa, agree, aim, alive, alive, allow, although, American, amount, angle, anyway, appear, area, area, army, art, awful, awhile, base, battle, being, belt, beside, bet, bill, blood, broke, business, capital, cause, cell, center, central, century, certain, charge, chart, check, chord, climate, club, colony, column, common, company, compare, complete, compound, condition, consider, consonant, contain, control, copy, correct, cost, cost, court, create, crop, current, deal, death, decimal, demand, describe, design, detail, determine, develop, dictionary, difference, difficult, direct, disease, distance, divide, division, drag, drawing, education, effect, elect, electric, element, eleven, energy, engine, entire, equal, equation, especially, Europe, everybody, exactly, example, exercise, experience, experiment, express, fact, factor, factory, famous, fan, favorite, fear, feed, feeling, figure, flow, force, form, fraction, general, given, government, grade, group, grown, hadn’t, hasn’t, health, heat, history, hospital, however, human, ice, include, increase, indicate, industry, information, instrument, interesting, itself, known, labor, law, lay, least, length, level, library, locate, loud, lovely, major, material, measure, melody, member, metal, method, million, modern, movement, music, nation, national, natural, nearly, necessary, nest, noon, northern, note, noun, numeral, object,, observe, opposite,, oxygen, paragraph, particular, pattern, per, period, person, phrase, plane, planet, plural, poem, police, position, possible, power, president, probably, problem, process, produce, product, program, property, provide, public,, pupil, radio, receive, record, region, replace, report, represent, result, rhythm, rise, save, scale, science, scientist, score, season, seat, section, segment, sense, sentence, separate, serve, service, sheet, short, shown, silent, similar, simple, sincerely, soil, sold, solution, solve, sort, southern, space, spell, spent, squirrel, state, statement, steel, stone, straight, student, study, subject, substance, sudden, suddenly, suffix, suggest, supply, surely, surface, syllable, symbol, system, temperature, term, test, that’s, their, they’re, thus, tone, total, touch, triangle, tube, twelve, twice, type, underline, unit, used, value, various, verb, view, voice, vowel, wasn’t, weight, western, we’re, wheat, whom, within, worker, wouldn’t, written, you’re

Fifth grade sight words:
already, average, apple, Africa, ache, angle, afraid, audience, automobile, army, arrived, antique, autobiography, atmosphere, agreed, Asia, accident, automatic, assembly, arctic, angle, ahead, actually, average, Atlantic, addition, amendment, adjective, amphibians, adaptation, aloud, allowed, bones, bicycle, biceps, bifocal, beach, branched, British, ball, biplane, behavior, binoculars, board, border, brake, belong, consider, chart, crops, cotton, cook, church, column, chief, cows, current, constitution, cube, cent, corner, column, compare, compound, charter, capital, convection, company, cotton, cook, compare, composition, conservation, cylinder, compound, consumers, constellation, colonies, citizen, congress, capitol, capital, canoes, cone, corn, chemical, classify, conditions, conduction, community, doesn’t, difficult, determine, doctor, details, death, debate, difficult, drought, diameter, decide, diagnose, deform, decimal, dividend, decay, diagonal, diameter, democracy, district, division, dialogue, depression, direction, deals, dead, deceive, dollars, electric, extraterrestrial, extrasensory, explode, extreme, extent, expect, economy, exit, effect, elements, equator, equal, earthquake, emergency, electricity, executive, equivalent, elevate, export, extraordinary, evening, extracurricular, expense, equator, experience, especially, eight, extinct, entered, enquire, except, enable, emotional, expect, equally, elevation, entire, error, erode, exciting, explorer, eastern, fun, fresh, fruit, France, federal, factories, fir, fur, fig, factors, fraction, forward, fit, fault, famous, freedom, Greek, guess, gun, governor, geography, hit, huge, horizontal, it’s, isn’t, its, import, industry, introductory, identify, insects, interesting, indicate, invertebrates, insulator, industry, judicial, Japanese, knight, latitude, longitude, level, lunar, legislature, lifted, located, loud, loose, list, material, movement, microphone, microbe, measurement, mourning, major, match, microscope, microfilm, modern, mine, meat,nutrition, nutrients, northern, national, neighbor, night, nose, necessary, not,occupation, observe, office, oxygen, opposite,preamble, physical, punctuation, producers, plural, petition, prospector, particular, printed, property, population, Pacific, prepared, pretty, precaution, prefix, pause, piece, position, process, prairie, prejudice, perimeter, percentage, plants, provide, principle, principal, pore, pain, pane, peace,quail, quotient, qualify, quantity, quiet, quite, quality, quite, paws, public,reflect, revision, repeated, rhythm, remainder, recall, retract, repay, request, route, radius, radiation, rich, rather, root, rope,strength, sequence, substance, smell, safe, send, settled, sight, silent, southern, stream, shoes, solar, shoulder, southern, solution, similar, stretched, supply, suggested, substances, structure, solution, sleigh, segment, soldiers, steel, scent, slay, stake, science, sugar, similar, score, shop, suffix,triangle, tissue, track, trade, tail, tone, tied, thus, thermometer, thin, terms, toe, tube, tools, tow, taxes, total,university, unicorn, underline, unicycle, unique,vertebrates, volcano, vitamins, veto, view, various, vegetation, vertical, voyage, Washington, weather, wouldn’t, western, wasn’t, wade, weight, weather, won’t, win, wrong, weighed, yellow

Sixth grade sight words:
media, medium, immediate, vibrant, chisel, chiseled, pulse, pulsate, pulsation, ecstasy, temporary, critical, begrudge, irritable, magnifi cent, contempt, contemptuous, descend, condescend, condescension, mercy, merciful, mercifully, unmercifully, gouged, virtue, virtuoso, convene, inconvenient, receipt, preliminary, disappoint , perched, eagle, eaglet, sheath, sheathes, fancy, fancies, fancied, fancying, fantasy, fantasia, ingenious, muse, music, musician, museum, kaleidoscope, species, special, especially, annual, biannual, triennial, commit, committee, adjective, adverb, advantage, vantage, spectacle, spectator, change , adapt, affect, affectation, manner, mannerisms, altitude, ancestor, Arctic, Antarctic, equator, equatorial, continent, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica, reveille, army, navy, marines, air force, bivouac, sentinel, culpable, sooth, complain, complaining, complainingly, uncomplainingly , palsy, reprieve, blanch, blanches, blanched, blanching, benefit, beneficial, flit, flits, flitting, crop, crops, cropped, cropping, crisp, penal, penalty, treaty, retinue, woolens, complete, complement, contradict, momentum, tact, talent, interpret, knack, insinuate, ward , warder, aspire, expire, inspire, conspire, conspiracy, conspirator, transpire, spirit, spiritual, repeal, repeals, repealed, repealing, retinue, apostate, registered, volunteer, govern, governor, government, governmental, emigrate, emigration, immigrate, immigration, immigrant, ambassador, embassy, verdure, suffuse, suffuses , suffused, suffusing, avenge, low, lowly, lowliness, record, records, recorded, recording, pretense, reverie, impending, prophet, prophesy, prophesies, prophesied, prophesying, towering, amaze, phonograph, implement, multiple, multitude, multitudinous, buttercup, resolute, resolution, chore, refrain, refrains, refrained, refraining, lullaby, vow, sneer, tingle, toddle, timid, nerve, nervous, nervousness, ablution, waistcoat, monitor, memory, attest, testify, testifies, testified, testifying, testament, testimony, testimonial, shy, shies, shied, shying, loath, exaggerate, exaggerates, exaggerated, exaggerating, present , presently, leap, leapt, falter, falters, faltered, faltering, falteringly, stealth, stealthy, stealthily, saber, tender, selfish, fierce, friend, comrade, shatter, boundary, boundaries, bright, brighter, brightest, brilliant, character, characteristic, chocolate, civil, civilize, civilization, colonel, congress , represent, representative, senate, senator, grit, episode, diverse, solicitude, competence, competent, deference, disaster, responsible, maintain, maintenance, congratulate, feline, fangs, arena, analyze, botany, manifold, hollyhock, usurp, orchid, alert, spindle, congeal, avid, avidity, clear, clarify , crystal, perpetual, contagious, contagion, deep, depth, scribe, describe, description, descriptive, diagonal, diameter, make, create, factory, effect, effective, employ, employee, enormous, nature, essence, essential, event, eventual, eventually, exchange, exist, existence, explore, explorer, exploration , family, familiar, familiarity, fore, forth, fraction, fractional, guard, horizon, horizontal, vertices, vertical, imagination, dust, industry, industrial, intelligence, intelligent, interior, exterior, route, routine, audio, audience, seclude, control, controllable, uncontrollable, artisan, regal, royal, invent , invention, latitude, latitudinal, longitude, longitudinal, later, machine, machinery, machination, magazine, mirror, mistake, occasion, occasional, occasionally, parent, parental, peculiar, perpendicular, persevere, reproach, rinse, series, treason, treachery, type, typical, decide, decision, principle, accommodate, accurate, accuracy, approximate, commence, commerce, commercial, communicate, communication, complex, construct, construction, symphony, gorgeous, enamel, converse, conversation, counterfeit, culture, cultural, curious, curiosity, desert, desiccant, dessert, digest, digestible, electrons, equal, equality, equation, expense, expensive, explain , explanation, extend, extent, extension, extensive, immense, introduce, introduced, introduction, introductory, visible, invisible, visor, vision, leopard, jaguar, mountain lion, cougar, catamount, panther, letter, literal, literate, literally, literature, illiterate, factory, manual, manufacture, manufacturing, memory, memorize , memorial, memorable, remember, remembrance, mind, mental, mentally, mentality, million, millionaire, negate, negative, number, numeral, numerous, numerical, numerator, operate, operator, operation, name, nominate, denominate, denomination, denominator, orchestra, parley, parliament, perform, performance, permanent, posit, positive, position, precipice, precipitous, previous, present, presents, presented, presenting, prime, primary, primarily, primitive, profess, profession, professional, professionally, project, projection, projector, quality, qualities, research, resemble, resemblance, recommend, relate, relation, relationship, restaurant, scarce, scarcely , scheme, seize, seizes, seized, seizing, select, selection, simple, simplify, simplified, simplification, simplicity, mar, marina, marine, submarine, tend, intend, superintendent, surgeon, scope, periscope, telescope, terrain, terrace, territory, territorial, though, through, thought, thorough, thoroughly , throughout, tremendous, judge, judgment, judgmental, commend, recommend, recommendation, allege, allegiance, abyss, acquaint, acquaintance, apology, apologize, appropriate, cantaloupe, cauliflower, chandelier, finance, finances, financed, financing, financial, chauffeur, combust, combustion, combustible, science, conscience, conscientious, conscientiousness, conscienceless, discern, discerns, discerned, discerning, discernible, discipline, disciplines, disciplined, disciplining, dispense, dispensable, dispensary, dispensation, dispensatory, drama, dramatic, dramatically, dissent, dissension, economy, economic, economical, economically, eliminate, effect, efficient, effi efficiency, efficacy, effi efficacious, embarrass, embarrasses , embarrassed, embarrassing, embarrassment, endeavor, enthuse, enthuses, enthused, enthusing, enthusiasm, fatigue, fatigues, fatigued, fatiguing, formal, front, frontier, guarantee, guitar, humor, humors, humored, humoring, humorous, press, impress, impression, impressive, cease, incessant, league, math, mathematic , mathematical, militia, military, miscellany, miscellaneous, mischief, mischievous, mortgage, municipal, neutral, Europe, pneumonia, lieutenant, occur, occurrence, parallel, percent, percentage, physic, physics, physician, porcelain, privilege, proficient, proficiency, recipe, reflect, reflects, refl reflected, reflecting, reflection, rendezvous, resist, resistance, rhubarb, rhinoceros, rhapsody, psalmody, salmon, satisfy, satisfies, satisfied, satisfying, satisfactory, satisfaction, shelf, shelves, souvenir, sovereign, suffice, sufficient, sufficiently, syllable, syllables, syllabicate, syllabication, tech, technical, technique, technology, theory, turtle, tortoise, tranquil , tranquility, unique, universe, universal, universality, university, vacuum, vague, vaguely, victor, victory, victorious, violent, violence, xylophone

Seventh grade sight words:
apart, according, appear, ate, angry, army, average, alive, accept, bread, bill, blow, broke, band, breakfast, bag, breath, burn, bus, cotton, compare, careful, chair, column, count, chief, clothes, church, crowd, cabin, camp, company, coat, current, cent, cook, captain, community, drop, dinner, dance, doctor, develop, dear, divide, double, dress, danger, die, drink, drove, east, experimfearent, enjoy, entire, express, expect, experience, everybody, electricity, experience, fear, forth, farmer, familiar, final, fair, fruit, flower, flew, finger, future, finish, further, guide, hurt, hill, hungry, herself, indeed, imagine, join, jump, knowledge, liquid, laid, loud, lie, law, latch, match, mine, market, motion, myself, month, met, mental, movement, nature, nine, nation, neither, northern, noise, neck, oxygen, onto, original, plain, poem, population, provide, pound, proud, push, proper, purpose, pressure, particular, public, path, process, protect, quick, raise, rate, regular, represent, rise, report, rope, rose, seat, sell, steam, solution, stage, shook, station, stream, strength, southern, share, season, shoulder, star, solid, supply, surprise, slow, statement, sister, string, solve, spot, shop, sing, separate, spend, speech, salt, steel, shore, spoke, sell, throughout, touch, truck, twice, television, twenty, till, twelve, tomorrow, usual, unless, useful, valley, variety, worth, we're, wooden, wheel, wire

Eighth grade sight words:
audience, apartment, ability, arrange, arrived, avoid, actually, agree, accident, avenue, altogether, activities, article, available, attached, address, apply, author, account, allowed, angle, affect, baseball, beneath, belong, bottle, barbecue, balance, bicycle, climbed, continue, consider, charge, climate, coffee, chapter, construction, courage, concern, conversation, citizen, college, couple, connect, character, collect, condition, convince, cancel, council, combine, dozen, dollars, determined, dictionary, disease, daughter, daily, disappear, design, details, discuss, dangerous, evidence, environment, education, exactly, excited, escape, enemy, entered, excellent, employee, equipment, extra, event, flight, forget, function, frozen, frighten, factory, furniture, frequently, feather, foreign, fifty, favorite, groceries, garage, hospital, healthy, height, husband, immediately, identity, indicate, industry, individual, influence, increase, insects, instance, improve, instrument, knife, library, license, lose, leather, located, leader, laugh, message, motor, married, model, medicine, magazine, muscles, mistake, neighbor, nobody, newspaper, ordinary, occur, offered, operation, organize, observe, opportunity, police, popular, potatoes, president, planet, peace, prevent, project, pronounce, physical, principal, personal, parents, political, progress, perfect, program, pencil, prepare, quarter, quality, rubber, recommend, rhythm, realize, recently, recognize, receive, rough, remain, railroad, required, repeat, review, symbol, support, social, standard, stomach, situation, service, students, sincerely, secret, soldier, silent, structure, spelling, swimming, suggested, settled, serious, style, success, they're, terrible, transportation, tongue, title, thank, threw, telephone, traffic, vegetable, waste, worse, whisper, whenever, yesterday