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Once you are signed up for your subscription to Hyperion Academics, it is easy to get started. Simply click on the grade of your student, enter your sign-in information and you will be in your portal.

Parents and/or learning coaches will fill out a survey (found in the parent's portal) before the student starts their grade. This will allow you to personalize the student's instruction and meet any special needs the student may have.

What your student sees in their portal is the basic form of their "room." This room is their room. They will be able to decorate it, store artwork, stories, books and information. They will be able to post reminders and read newsletters and information about contests, competitions and scholarships on their bulletin board. They will be able to create artwork and post it on their walls. They will be able to read stories in their library on their bookshelf. After earning tokens from doing their school work, they will be able to 'go outside' and interact with their neighborhood.

When they click on "start ____ grade", they will see an "intro" section that will show your student how to navigate the program and a few examples of what they will see.